Welcome to My Champions Club, our innovative rewards club, where you earn Champions Club Points by scanning printed QR codes featured on Hygain Victory®, Hygain Prime® and Mitavite® Cool Vitality packaging.

Please note that we are transitioning different Hygain products from tokens to QR codes over the next few months. Please visit Terms and Conditions for full details on this transition.

My Champions Club is a way to 'thank you' for your loyalty and continued support of our Australian owned and made horse feeds and supplements.

As a My Champions Club Member, each time you scan QR points, your points are sent to either your Hygain Online Account or your Mitavite Online Account, depending on the brand of product you scanned. Then you can log onto the appropriate online store by visiting hygain.com.au or mitavite.com to access and redeem your points on merchandise or supplements from the online stores.

Plus, you also receive Birthday Bonus points and Anniversary Membership Bonus Points, plus so much more!

Scan your first QR code on Hygain Victory®, Hygain Prime® and Mitavite® Cool Vitality, to receive your 100 bonus signup My Champions Club points! Then you can accumulate and start redeeming your Champions Club points! Existing Hygain Online Account (hygain.com.au) and Mitavite Online Account (mitavite.com) holders will automatically receive points to their Online Account where the same email address is used to scan QR codes and log into your Online Accounts. Scan your first QR to start receiving points for feeding your Champion today!